The Whitsunday waters are the one of the top breeding ground for Humpback Whales in the eastern coast of Australia.


Although it may not be the most heavily advertised Whale viewing area in Australia, the Whitsunday Waters hold some of the most beautiful Whale watching experiences we may be lucky enough to see first-hand.


This is mainly due to it being one of the most protected ocean environments in the world, and for very good reason as not only for its world renowned Great Barrier Reef, but also because of the unique warm, shallow, and protected waters from the surrounding islands it creates the perfect place for the whales to safely give birth to their calves, teach them how to swim, breach, clean themselves (by slapping their fins on the waters surface), and more often than not mate again before travelling back down south.


All of this happens in a very short period of time in the Tropical Winter/Spring months between August and October. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to enquire about coming aboard one of our tours in the Bookings tab in the top right hand corner.

Whales communicate with each other through many different noises, such as "grunts", "groans", "thwops", "snorts" and "barks". However only the males make complex “Songs” to attract a potential mate that can last up to 20 minutes! You will some hear these sounds live during our tours using our custom made Hydrophone. (or check out our live recordings here)

Whales within a large area sing the same song. Each pod's song will change slowly over a period of years without repeating.

A Humpback Whales tail fin is called a “Fluke

Humpback Whales feed by creating a “Bubble Net”. This is blowing a ring of bubbles, driving the prey inside the ring, then swimming up through it with their mouth wide open.

A Humpback whale can hold its breath for up to 30 minutes

Humpback Whales don’t have teeth. They have baleen plates that act like a giant sieve!


Have a listen to some of ourwhale recording from our onboard hydrophone from one of our charters amongst the whitsunday ilslands.  Not only will you be able to see the whale and experiance an up close and personal encounter you will also be able to listen to some of there majestic songs.